My Half Brother [Revising]

My Half Brother [Revising]

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semi-hiatus By redkrystal Completed

As a young rebel, would you make it treating him as a real member of the family? 

Or... more than that?

Note: Thank you so much for choosing my story. But unfortunately, I am currently revising this book. Don't worry, you can read this but the story might confuse you a little on the way because i'm going to have minor changes. If you refuse to read and just wait for the revision to finish, I really hope that you can keep this in your library for the meantime. 

Thank you for your understanding. You can message me anytime for any questions :)


Жду того волшебного человека, который переведет этот шедевр.
Just started reading this fan-fic and I am literally crying rn. Someone help me!😭😭😭😭
Hello! Love your story!! ❤️❤️
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AlukaPark AlukaPark Jan 15
Извините за рекламу ! Я пишу новую фф . Почитайте и оцените. Дайте советы . Что можно исправить ? Я первый раз пишу фф. Можете почитать ? Спасибо заранее !
_Azalea_Whites_ _Azalea_Whites_ Nov 22, 2016
Читать и большинство слов перевести могу, но удовольствия от чтения ни-ка-ко-го ;с
                              Поскорей бы перевели, а то фанф часто мелькает - прочитать хочется))
jimin4lifeu jimin4lifeu Oct 22, 2016
This is already escalating and I just started reading it😭