The Witch in Black (a Thorin Oakenshield love story)

The Witch in Black (a Thorin Oakenshield love story)

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I am a Witch, going by the name of Sapphire. Everyone never thought that Thorin Oakenshield, King under the mountain, would ever be in love. But he was, once. At first, he was blinded by hatred, but then he found peace.

As you might be guessing, I am the woman Thorin fell in love with.....

When I go and visit my old friend, Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, everything was wonderful, until thirteen dwarves and a Wizard turn up on the doorstep. Apparently, they were going on a quest! 

Will they accept me for what I am? Will they find out my secrets? And will a certain King Under The Mountain, have small feelings for me?

    Otsena Otsena Feb 27
    Because you've given my pirates fan fiction a shot, I'll be giving this one a shot! Emma Watson on the cover caught my attention...I realized...are all of your books inspired by LOTR? I better get on watching the movies to understand anything 😂
    DarkMikasa DarkMikasa Apr 15, 2016
    Tch, my dad is Suraman. Tch, but he is clean...I don't mind.
    voltsjek voltsjek Jul 10, 2016
    The mark is the rune for lockpicking. I can't remember how I know that. 😂
    Otsena Otsena Feb 27
    So far a great start! I'll be continuing soon enough. Thank you again :)
    Who else is reading this in Hermione's voice? Just me...ok....
    LittleWaterSprite LittleWaterSprite Jan 09, 2016
    Actually the mark in the movie was said to be dwarfish, which is why the dwarves could read it.