Jerk and I[Wattys 2015]

Jerk and I[Wattys 2015]

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Queen of the Underworld By QueenOfTheUnderwold Updated Nov 05, 2016

Réanna Evans wasn't your typical goody two shoes. She was at the top of the class with near perfect grades but that didn't stop her from creating mischief. 
Réanna had her life figured out, she was going to graduate high school ,then go to university and become a forensic scientist. Or so she thought...Réanna didn't know she was in for the ride of her life, when she befriended the school bad boys Roman, Cole and Xavier. Her life took an unexpected turn intertwining gangs, violence and police into her once simple life. 

"You say you hate me but that's not what it seems like." He said with an amused tone as I slid my finger down his chest. 
"oh really." I said while looking at him from under my lashes. "Because to me it seems like I want to  kick you in the balls." Before he had time to register what I had said , I kneed him in the crown jewels and started to walk away. Before I left I turned around and watched him groan in pain. With sweet fake smile I said  "Karma's bitch and thats what you get for messing with me!" 

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ElisaBaez123 ElisaBaez123 Jun 22, 2016
My mom...and dad...and grandma...basically all my adult figures in life
ImagineSkyline ImagineSkyline Oct 03, 2016
It has some spelling and grammar errors like putting i instead of I, but I'm not a grammar nazi. The story is really good, so I like it s lot! 😋
its_k8_anyways its_k8_anyways Oct 10, 2016
                              anyways,  #ftr
                              October 10, 2016
                              3:57 PM
                              somewhere in a bed with Nutella (;
amathis686868 amathis686868 Oct 22, 2016
Tbh I don't mind my 2st date in Mcdonald's cuz I get friessssss
QueenOfTheUnderwold QueenOfTheUnderwold Sep 18, 2016
Honestly I wish I had the energy in the mornings to put effort into my outfit but i just cant be bothered sometimes. But when I do try I have to say I do feel good so I understand you.
Mimi_Safiya Mimi_Safiya Feb 13, 2016
They seem like they look like each other so that's gonna be a bit weird if they date :- Also,it doesn't seem as if Xavier is the hottest one, the black haired one seems like he's the best looking