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The True Sky

The True Sky

20.7K Reads 1K Votes 5 Part Story
gracetheworld By Ayano27ffnet Updated Mar 12, 2016

AU. The mafia has chased Tsuna since he was seven. He was told that he is the descendant of Vongola Primo by the Primo himself in a dream. Since that time, Tsuna was trained by Primo through dreams. But, one day, Reborn came and said that Atsuki, Tsuna's younger twin, will be the Tenth. But Primo doesn't agree with that. So, what will happen to them?

this fanfiction is copy-pasted from my account on fanfiction!

OozoraCielo27 OozoraCielo27 Dec 22, 2016
I was waiting for your updates at FFN  for many months? Years? LOL. Thanks for updating though
iamlizardliz iamlizardliz Jul 30, 2015
..... Dance? 
                              ( 0.0)/(0.0)/( 0.0)/(0.0)/( 0.0)/(0.0)/(^~^)/\
Ayano27ffnet Ayano27ffnet May 02, 2015
@Ayaka_Yamamoto_28 I'm glad I left you astonish. 
                              Wha-? My fic is not better than yours! I like yours better! >:3
                              But thanks anyway, for the compliment xD
Endless_Paradox_07 Endless_Paradox_07 May 01, 2015
*this person is left astonish due to the AWESOMENESS of the story* ... Please Update.. (/•Π•)/ This is so GOOD! Better *cough* than *cough* mine though *cough*
Precious-Little-Girl Precious-Little-Girl Apr 27, 2015
Thank you for updating! ^^ I miss this story both in here and FFN! Hope you'll find time to update! :)
IzunaHyousei IzunaHyousei Apr 27, 2015
Don't worry....I've been waiting for a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long time now....Really not one bit....I think?Cause I just kind of destroy the ....something......hahahaha.....really nothing......
                              Update soon anyways!~(^_^v)