creepypasta sex slave

creepypasta sex slave

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creepypastabaes By creepypastabaes Updated Jun 11, 2016

ariana Joyce is 10 yrs old and her job until she dies is...... Read to find out 

My first book so if its bad no criticism please. The settings and theme may be a little bit like The Giver but that will quickly change because there is creepypasta involved. I hope you enjoy.

 Ps: Please don't give me no shit on how "this is copyright" I have had ppl say that it is copyright and I'm gonna get sued, this isn't fvcking copyright. Ex: the main character in the film/book is a boy, the village is dull and emotionless, just because the events are similar doesn't mean I am copying every little detail. Geez ppl, think before you type, otherwise you usually make yourself sound like an idiot.

Sofie_G Sofie_G Mar 08, 2016
WHAT IS THIS THE GIVER??? (ALDWIN WBERE YOU AT?!) ....thats my teacher's name
LlevameDespacio LlevameDespacio Oct 19, 2016
Yo this is plagiarism you could go to jail for this without giving credit to the original author
Nemmerton Nemmerton Oct 30, 2016
I seriously did not like that you copied off of the Giver not cool
FanFictionFanaticGrl FanFictionFanaticGrl Jul 12, 2016
Mom: Sweetie! Me and your father need to tell you important things! 
                              Me: Really? What kind of things? Things about the world?
                              Mom: Nope. We are going to tell you how to have sex!
                              Me: (~○-○~) What???
                              Now we have a problem here
- - Dec 03, 2015
Umm, I'd hate that... My parents teaching me about sex and how to have i it
Dancingwildwood Dancingwildwood Jun 16, 2015
Hey this reminds me of Louis Lowrys book son or his series or whatever