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Old Soul (Captain America/Steve Rogers)

Old Soul (Captain America/Steve Rogers)

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•|~Madeline~|• By Captain_Stiles_24 Completed

When Avalie Daniels moved to New York, she was just a small town girl looking for the job she deserved. However, she had no idea that she was apart of a bigger plan.
On moving day she meets the famous Steve Rogers, landing herself in the apartment next door to his. She befriends him but his kind manner and respectful ways lead her feelings somewhere else. Somewhere more complicated.
She thought everything was absolutely blissful. Nothing could've possibly gotten worse for her. She was wrong.
Inside Avalie's DNA is a crucial detail she never realized was there. It was the night the gun fire went off that she learned what was in the blood coursing through her veins.
It was the night the gun fire went off that she learned that there wasn't just one superhero-quality person in the building. There was another, and with a shock, she discovered that the other was her.

MarvelDreamworks MarvelDreamworks 4 days ago
This story is so good I've read a lot of Captain America fan fics and this is pretty good as it is true to Cap's character and as realistic as it can be
IzzyEaster4 IzzyEaster4 Jun 16, 2016
She has no idea that she's going out for coffee with Captain America
beautifulpinneapple beautifulpinneapple Jan 18, 2016
It's funny how through all of this happening when I fall I think "here we go again"
PurpleMonkeyGreenPig PurpleMonkeyGreenPig Aug 04, 2015
I went to New York once. 
                              The only magical thing I saw about it was how the people there breathe with basically no trees.
                              Or maybe it's just because I live in the dead end of nowhere where there is nothing but trees. . .
notebooknut01 notebooknut01 Jul 19, 2015
ummm, the pecks are a good bonus, but those ips and eyes!! oh good lord have mercy