The Greater Good • Harry Potter

The Greater Good • Harry Potter

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Emma Rush By TheEmmaLife Updated Mar 28, 2016

Ariana Dumbledore was someone that history forgot. Only known as Albus Dumbledore's sister who died at a very young age - many never knew she even existed. But, there was more to her story.

In the summer of 1898, the great-nephew of a neighbour comes to visit Godric's Hollow, what happens next was left very vague and secret. All that came of it was tragedy, a piece of history left untouched - and for good reason.

Because the best tragedies are always love stories, aren't they?

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19vanelkc 19vanelkc Mar 28, 2016
Acts fine I've loved this book and I know that it's only gonna get better. Ps did you change the part when she in transfiguration the first time cause I could have sworn that she said she was able to do it since she was two and it was a really sassy part