His Kryptonite. (ManxMan, MPREG).*COMPLETED *

His Kryptonite. (ManxMan, MPREG).*COMPLETED *

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The God Of The Lost Ones By Mr-Lemon Completed

Paige Summers is pregnant by the popular jock who sleeps with him once and threatens him if he dare tells anyone.

Paige leaves for college and to his horror he finds he is pregnant.

Years pass and one day David finds the nerdy boy he fancied through school at the one place he would never imagine to find him.

At his daughters birthday party.

(BxB, MPREG!).
Originally a werewolf story and named 'His pregnant mate' but I changed it xD 

P.S - Paige is a unisex name and he is a male in this story. Also- Paige ( who is a BOY) will be called mama, or mum- mother, because in my stories where the man who carries the baby will be labelled as a mother, he's still a man, he isn't half a women with women parts - he is man who can carry babies, has to have a C section to give birth to his children- so this is here to stop confusion :) )

Cover by @JessKnightwalker

Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Dec 26, 2016
I think u have missed one little bitty thing...... ur also a guy
tailsdefiore4 tailsdefiore4 Sep 13, 2016
Woah jeez so hard on yourself lol never read anything like this and im picky with other peoples writing and i think its really good so far♡
XxTheMysteryGirlxoxX XxTheMysteryGirlxoxX Oct 11, 2016
Ha! No he has to deal with a pregnant boy and his girlfriend. *Snorts* Cheerio m8.
xXGummie_BearsXx xXGummie_BearsXx Nov 18, 2016
Just 3 words......
                              Gay Book Logic.
Omnivore-_- Omnivore-_- Sep 21, 2016
why the Adams family though? why not the Kardashian-Jenner Klan? 😹😹😹
0420emilie 0420emilie Oct 07, 2016
Same I especially love that one with the baby cuz babies are the best