Bought (bought book 1)

Bought (bought book 1)

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"Darling, I know you're awake." Sebastian said as yet another series of flipping papers began, "I know you've been awake for the past forty-five minutes."

"No...I ..Haven't.." I grumbled. 

"Darling, com here." He chuckled.

	I rubbed my eyes and wrapped myself tighter into the red sheet. I then rolled off the couch, standing up, and walking to him as commanded. My bare feet padded quietly on the wood floor taking my spot just a couple inches behind him. Sebastian's arm snaked around my waist pulling me in to sit on his lap. His head resting on the crux of my shoulder defeated.

maoriNZ maoriNZ May 01, 2016
Of course she didn't like you she's an assassin, being pregnant got in the way of shooting thats why as soon as u were born Claudie was hired
maoriNZ maoriNZ May 01, 2016
I want your ass out of here or I'll assassinate it.👼🙏💘💥🌷🎃💹
Sacred_Dragon Sacred_Dragon Jul 09, 2015
gotta keep in mind that the mother is sneaky. she gets money and hides it. the dad came from a wealthy family
Ava2012 Ava2012 Jul 09, 2015
Can a lawyer and an assassin earn enough to be some of the wealthiest people in the world? We are talking multi-billionaires here, not just millionaires!.....Seems highly unlikely to me unless they are also doing something on the side ;-)