Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You

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Mary France By mfterese Updated Feb 22, 2011

Ella-May and Clyde were childhood friends. They were always there for each other. The first time Ella fell, Clyde was there to help her stand up. When Clyde's upset, Ella's always there to cheer him up. They were always there, supporting and helping each other.

Clyde decided to take a step further into their relationship and started their life known as lovers, instead of just plain friends.

Until a sudden twist of events turned their life upside down. Ella doesn't remember Clyde and she gets this weird dreams... What does that mean?

Join Ella and Clyde's adventure and see if they can overcome this problem and save their love...

...or will this be the end of their love story and maybe, even their friendship.

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KStrong KStrong Jan 18, 2012
Hey im new to wattpadd so could you help me by informing people about me? Please and thanks :)
Loveme1994 Loveme1994 Feb 26, 2011
W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l this is good stuff love it waiting 4 updates
Shekinah_V86 Shekinah_V86 Nov 12, 2010
The blurb is interesting. I'll read it tomorrow and try to give you some critism. 
xBliss_Is_Hellx xBliss_Is_Hellx Oct 29, 2010
OMG this sounds amazing already (: I once writ a story about amnesia only not anything like this haha <3
NicholasRivera NicholasRivera Oct 29, 2010
love it 10/10 if you ever make this in to a full book i'll buy copy =)
63bluesonu 63bluesonu Oct 27, 2010
hey! thanks 4 inviting me 2 read ur work!  i think m gona like it!