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Our Love (Leonetta

Our Love (Leonetta

2K Reads 45 Votes 2 Part Story
violettafanpturkey By violettafanpturkey Completed

Leon was a bad guy whose girlfriend is evil "Ludmila". He always said bad things and teased three besties Camila, Francesca and Maxi...until he saw Vilu and felt in love with her... He thought that Vilu had a boyfriend "Tomas" but he didn't know that they are not a couple. He watched Violetta with Andrés when she was talking with Tomas. And one day, when Studio 21  students went to see Rapha Palmer in a concert place, Violetta came with Angie to watch an orchestra in the same building. After all the things finished, Violetta was looking at Angie and she didn't see the skateborders coming through her, but someone saw it; Leon. He ran as fast as a lightning to save Violetta, and he saved her. And now was their first communication. Leon said:
○How are you?
○You are a bad lier
● No really, im fine.
(The studio 21 bus started to move)
○I need to go now, you need to give me a one. ( You need to save me later)
Leon started to think just Violetta and he is so determined to win Violetta...

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