Rejecting Alexander

Rejecting Alexander

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"Alexander, think about what you're doing." Andrea said gently.

"Oh, I've been thinking about this since you left me, the only reason that I haven't kidnapped you until now is because I still hoped that you would come back by yourself, but it seems that I would have to make you stay with me." What frightened Andrea the most was the fact that Alexander didn't yell at her, he didn't snap or shout, he talked in a controlled, low tone.

Andrea started shaking his head. "No."

Alexander's head snapped towards her and he gave her a sharp look. "What?"

"I won't come with you."

Alexander slowly got up and started walking towards Andrea as she backed away. "You don't really have a say in this, sunshine. You are going to come back with me to the pack, you are going to become Luna, you are going to lead Silver Heart whether it's by your choice or mine."

*   *   *   *   *   * 
  Andrea White only rejected alpha Alexander Hunter for his own good. How could she have a mate when she was surrounded by darkmess and hiding beneath so many secrets?

  But two years later, Andrea's plans of living a normal life get fucked up.

  Not only is Alexander back after leaving to continue his alpha duties, but strange murders start to take place in Andrea's small town.

  Cue in a midnight visit to an asylum, receiving frightening gifts from a stranger, taking advice from a surprisingly handsome demon, and Andrea's life takes a hectic turn.

  Will she finally accept Alexander after all these events? Mates can't be separated after all.

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  • murder
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I'm Irish and this is kind of true but not like pirates. Drunk maybe but not pirates... I don't think so anyways... Loll
Angelfaws Angelfaws May 14, 2016
Not every Irish person is a red head with a swearing problem
billieinbadlands billieinbadlands Feb 18, 2017
Me also not all Irish people get drunk all the time it depends on which part of Ireland