What am I now? (RinXLen)

What am I now? (RinXLen)

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IS SHE KEITHS MOM By LiterxlTrxsh Completed

"He only became one of THEM for her"

Len Kagamine used to be one of the popular kids in school. Loved by almost every girl except the ones in the "Nerd Category" Until Rin Kagamine came along...

Rin Kagamine is new to the high school. People told her she fitted in into the "Nerd Category" apparently. She was one of the very few in that category. Then Len Kagamine came along...

(Credits to @ASassyBrat for the Cover! Thanks for reading my story!)

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KokichiOuma15 KokichiOuma15 Sep 15, 2017
Oh good the is about drugs great JUST GREAT *insert sarcasm in the voice*
Neko_Derpy123 Neko_Derpy123 Apr 13, 2016
Rin: BANANA PHONE (plz tell me someone gets the reference... XD)
travizkarlllzzzz travizkarlllzzzz Dec 31, 2016
There is a song apropriate for this
                              IF YOU LOVE ME LET MEEE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO
The_Space_Ace The_Space_Ace Sep 15, 2015
Whaaaat? Rin couldn't even sing a  song about how evil she is. Smh
hesitanthealies hesitanthealies Jul 03, 2015
LE SHIP HAS TO SAIL!! ONWARD LE OCEAN!! (Mable pines gravity falls reference lol