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Angelica Barton, she's the avenger no one notices. She has the brains, she has the experience, but her older brother Clint Barton is very protective.

The night of one of Tony Starks grand parties, Angelica's life changes, and fast. 

When she wakes up in a small dark room, she meets two people she never thought of, The Maximoff  twins. 

For months, Angelica is trapped at HYDRA being tested on and beaten, when a rescue mission is put into action she leaves her heart with one person, 

Pietro Maximoff. 


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I literally face palmed so hard at this, that's what my family always ask me
Oooh...My bloodline is Russian. I'm actually Russian from my dad's side...
ivy_ela ivy_ela Jul 22
Ok how did she get to like Russia or somethin so fast. Last I checked they weren't in the US I think
Oh my god the romanization is so funny almost didn't recognize it as russian 😂
That's Russian, right?  I know Russian, but I know the non English alphabet way.
calm_katrin_ calm_katrin_ Dec 23, 2016
                              MY HEART IS MELTING 
                              THANK YOU