the art of capturing a supervillians heart (a superhero love story) [HOLD]

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Kaitlyn Eichenbaum By thekayrose Updated 4 years ago
Spencer Riding, has just started helping Rachen City, and within a week has been known as the black bullet. Spencer wears a suit of all black, with a purple cape.  Everyone has heard about her, while villians want to know who her secret identity is.  Soon enough, Ironfist shows up, and threatens her carrear, but instead of hurting him, Spencer soon started falling in love with him.  Like everyother superhero and vullian, they are always enemies, but what if Spencer and Ironfist start dating at school, not knowing that both of them are sworn enemies?
thanks for the better understanding, but either way i love it!
That was a great starter chapter. Draws people in, well drew me in.… Smooches ;-)
I got a bit confused with the falling bit, but good chapter :)
Wow i love it(: im so glad i got to check it out!  Fanned voted and commented!