Stark Struck | The Avengers

Stark Struck | The Avengers

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  After moving to the wondrous New York City, Alex Heart is skeptical. Aliens, giant lizards, electric blue men, raging green monsters, and superheroes? All Alex ever wanted was a new, exciting life, not the impossible. 
  Alex is pulled into the world of the Avengers when the infamous God of Mischief pushes her out of a window. She meets the Avengers, learns some archery from Hawkeye, plays some battleship with Captain America, and nearly dies from the Hulk. Sounds fun enough.
  After seventy years of being "dead," the Red Skull returns, and he's hellbent on getting revenge on Captain America and anyone who associates with him. The Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble to take him down, along with getting some help from Alex Heart and some others.

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sendnukes sendnukes Dec 03, 2016
Sitting here for 3 min straight tryna figure out the title😂😂
xXSkyyFoxXx xXSkyyFoxXx Dec 31, 2015
Jeez for a second I thought for a whole two minutes the name was "Star Struck"
                              Then I showed this to my bro who said "It's 'STARK Struck'..."
                              Yay. XD
SavanahaHewitt SavanahaHewitt Nov 16, 2015
I like how you point it out like it wasn't obvious "Stark Struck". It's something I do with all my jokes.. ☺️