Corrupting The Good Boy

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Tori! (: By cutecake Updated 4 years ago
What happens when a good boy runs into the bad girl? What happens when they're forced together (along with a jock, her on-again-off-again bad boy of a 'boyfriend', and his best friend) during a school project? 
    Spending time together just might push the good boy away from his loyal girlfriend and into the claws of the beast herself. 
When I was little I watched this show called Zoe 101.  Her little brother Dustin was the sweet boy and this girl was the baddy. She had her sights set on him....your story is very similar.
Oh wow this is awesome! Ohh pleease post the next part soon? I love it! :D
                                    I like the cast choices, tooooo.
                                    And the cover is pretty. Lol.
                                    Well.. I actually like girls. But bad boys are fun to read about, lmao. (:
This is a really cool start. I like the characters. They seem interesting.
I like it already.
                                    You've turned the classic 'bad boy shy girl' plot into a 'bad girl shy boy' story. I think the on-again-off-again boyfriend is a nice twist. Especially if he's not so nice (I LIKE BAD BOYS, LOL).