Black Fox - Tokyo Ghoul Fan Fic

Black Fox - Tokyo Ghoul Fan Fic

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Saiko.Path By SaikoReaper Updated May 22, 2015

The News reporters voice blared out of the TV as I turned the volume up. "The alleged 'Black Fox' Ghoul has stricken once again. Her attacks are growing in the 20th ward, the CCG are sending down there most experienced-" 

I turned it down. 

"Yeah, most experienced, I doubt that will make a difference, there all bastards anyway," 

I scoffed, I'm the alleged 'Black Fox' I guess I've become popular since of my recent outburst of hunger. Haha, it's so fun to see all the saddest of emotions shine through my victims eyes. They scream like utter fools, 'I'm so sorry!' Or 'I don't deserve this! I have everything to live for!' They have nothing to live for, there all born to die, a waste of breath and memory.

Black fox's life will change after she meets everyone at antieku, and with a tortured past, will love get in the way?

When i see the word corps the first thing that came into my mind is... Yes. Survey Corps.
This is very interesting and keep up the great work!!!👍👍😄😄