You're Forever Mine!

You're Forever Mine!

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SoulOutBreak By SoulOutBreak Completed

The Second Book In The "Shhhhhhhh!" Series.


'God I'm so tried' I think to myself as I make my way up the stairs towards my apartment.

I push in the key unlocking the door.

I get in not bothering to look around, re-locking the door. 

I sign and turn around only to freeze. 

Standing in my sitting room is someone I never expected.

My master and in his arms his carrying our sleeping daughter.

He smiles coldly at me, "Hello Pet, good to see you again" he says.


Sam has been hidding from his master for 5 good years with his daughter.

He ran away wanting to give his daughter a normal life away from the Mafia.

But Lucifer wont have it.

His been looking for his pet and husband for a good 5 years.

What happens when he finds him.

Will he forgive him? 
Is he in for the punishment of his life?

One thing is for sure tho. 

He never plans on letting him go!


This is the second book I strongly suggest you read the first one before reading this one!

This book is :

• A BDSM Book.
• Boyxboy.
• Contains Mature Content.
• For 18+ Readers.
• Complete.

Thank you!
I hope you Enjoy the book.

  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • love
  • mafia
  • marriage
  • mpreg
  • torture
  • violence
Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Jan 14
See when i start thinking im cute or pretty i see motherfucking baby that is really pretty
Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Jan 14
No one is going to listen to this.
                              This is wattpad no ones listen to the rule
CandyYESorNO CandyYESorNO Feb 08, 2016
I went into a frenzy when I thought it ended so thanks for the sequel....
                              P.s.  I usually just skip past warning since reading it is such a drag~~~~~ but just so ya know....... Innocence is not exactly kept in this day and age where the is such a thing as "internet" AND "friends"
cybergguk cybergguk Aug 17, 2016
I'm so excited to read this sequel omg I absolutely LOVED the first story ;-D
manganerd162 manganerd162 Feb 15, 2016
Lalalalalalallalalllallalalalal what was that I can't hear you. Oh well I'll just have to keep reading.
SoulOutBreak SoulOutBreak May 07, 2015
@sam24antha if you need another heart attack just let me know