Halley's Portal - Book One

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Brian Kayser By BrianKayser Updated 2 years ago
After 2,200 years of sightings, speculation, and hoopla, scientists finally got a close-up look at Halley’s Comet in 1986, when an armada of five space probes descended upon the comet.  In the year 2061, it is making another visit, and this time the Global Space Organization wants to send two ships with human crews to take a peek.  For some, the curiosity goes beyond what the public knows, for in 1986, one little space probe saw something unearthly.  An unearthly little tidbit that’s been kept a secret for 76 years.  The crews of the two ships (including two teenage Space Cadet observers) also stumble upon a little discovery of their own while examining Halley’s Comet, a little discovery that sends them on a wild and unexpected ride through time and space.
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This is my first story I took a swing at since joining Wattpad and I'm already enjoying it ^^. A very nice hook and opener ^^
Well, if I'm not hooked already... Oh wait... Yes I am. Fantastic prologue (I should probably be taking notes right now... It's way better than mine...) and i hope the rest of the book keeps up this awesomeness! This gets a vote from me.
WOW - I just really love this story.  If the story stays this good I hope you do in fact write 7 books!! I love the character development of the space cadets.  And that prologue = awesome!  Can't wait for more... keep writing!!
Hi this is good read, i like it very much, pls update the story, i cannot wait to see what happens when they reach cygnus space station.
Nice intro, I wish I could say I remember Halley's Comet's visit, but I was just born in 1986.  Maybe I'll see it in 2061 when I'm 76 :)