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High School History [Teacher-Student Romance]

High School History [Teacher-Student Romance]

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Barbie_Chik By Barbie_Chik Completed

6 A.M... 27 year old Jeff Collins struggled out of his warm bed. He groaned as the cold floor took the warmth from his feet. It's Monday. I'll get to see that beautiful purple hair, that perfect curvy bust and those sleek white legs. Mmm. He thought to himself as he checked the condition of his morning wood.

"Oh Kate," he sang in the shower, "you're so beautiful! I wanna tell you everydaaaaaaaaay!" his voice shifted into an off-key tone at the last part. By day, Jeff Collins was Mr. Collins, a history teacher. By night, he was a fool in love. Why a fool? Becasue he was in love with a student. His 15 year old student. Kate Malik. Yes he had students swoon over him daily but the girls he looked at were just painted twigs. Each one seemed as though they had an extra layer of face from all the make-up. But his girl, those stunning black covered lips, those dark unforgiving blue eyes, and that menacing stare she brought down on those whom she detested. Such a different, radiant young woman...

_Beaux_ _Beaux_ Jan 27
Wtf, that escalated quickly. Why isnt new dialogue properly separate? U don't which scene they are in or who's talking to who
Simon1233 Simon1233 Jun 17, 2016
I... Was not... Particularity expecting any of that to happen. It all escalated so quickly...😶😓😮speechless
- - Oct 12, 2016
"He was long for her" is my mind just being dirty or does that mean....
Was was all so rushed 😐😨😦😲😲😲😨😨😐😓😓😓
Barbie_Chik Barbie_Chik May 08, 2014
Well crap man, all the votes mean i gotta update again. I didn't expect this much popularity at all. Thanks everyone
KatieMetzger KatieMetzger Mar 12, 2013
U should update!!!!!! I'm sleep deprived!!!!!!! I told u that cuz I feel like I know u!!!!!!!!! Cuz I loooovvvveeeee your story!!!!!!!!! Sorry not sorry!!!!!!