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unknown to all By -unoriginal Updated Mar 28, 2016

A human that becomes a baby again for demons.

She's like no worries he was just killed so let me do my job
MsCrazy0815 MsCrazy0815 Oct 30, 2016
I hope he turns into a nice man because now I think he's an ass.
If he's in the mindset of one he can't really communicate thus clearly
Storm1001 Storm1001 Nov 18, 2016
Okay let's all just put this book down for a second to just rethink life
ilovecandy177 ilovecandy177 Dec 07, 2016
Oh no sam and dean are going to kill you. 
                              Hahahahha do you get it?
ReginaReynolds ReginaReynolds Nov 08, 2016
Please Dont Hurt That sweet baby    He seems mean to be a Daddy to a little