Slenderman's Daughter (Laughing Jack X Reader)

Slenderman's Daughter (Laughing Jack X Reader)

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JokerHarley_BB By JokerHarley_BB Updated Feb 27, 2016

Slenderman finds an abandoned baby in his woods and decides to take it home and raise it as his own. This is actually a Laughing Jack and Reader story.

I know it sounds weird, but it will start to make sense if you read it. I put a lot of my own detail into the character in this story. I hope I don't offend anyone by the way I describe them. I got the idea for this story on another website. I promise that I'm not copying anything from that person's story. I just needed to put that in if the title sounds familiar. It's not the exact same title, but close enough that I needed to say something. Hope you enjoy the story!!

The picture above is not mine. I added the text, but the background picture is not mine.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in the story. This is not for profit, only for amusement.

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His mouth most likely would make the baby giggle and this is soooooooooo cute
You would do that to a CHILD. Has fangs or not you do not do that to a CHILD YOU WITCH
My eyes are gonna be the same color as 707 (mystic messenger) but with bits of silver and black
This is like my oc for creepypasta almost sharp clawsx sharp teeth, black hair, and pasty white skin. She has blue eyes
Why does this sound like something my mom would do😂😂😂😐
Brooke and if we get a killer name I want mine to be colorful blood that's my oc name