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hetalia x (male) reader

hetalia x (male) reader

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2pEnglandandEngland By 2pEnglandandEngland Updated Mar 28, 2016

Your p.o.v

I watch sadly but hide it with a smile as the love of my life was getting married to Finland, he said he wanted me to be his best man so here I am no one knows about me having a crush on Sweden but only Denmark knew and plus you can never tell an engage man that you love him. After the wedding we all went to the reception at the meeting conference room I sat at the very corner of the room watching every country talking and laughting but me I just sat there with a small frown until.

"Hey m/n are you okay?"Denmark asked me as I flinch a bit and turn slightly to look at him

"Yeah...after this I'm planning on leaving this place for a while."I said looking down as Denmark looked at me shock until Sweden came

"Hey,are you alright?".Sweden asked me as I gave him a nod not noticing that Denmark had left

" seems that Finland is already drunk." said watching Finland swinging poor Iceland around then moved to Denmark

"Yep it seems so."

"I still can't believe that he wor...

I thought it said the little sinner is mine.... 
                              Send help to my brain pls
No romano is yours,
                              Canada is prussia's, 
                              And england's france's
                              Im married to sebastion from black butler
slapdatspainbooty2 slapdatspainbooty2 Nov 06, 2016
I thought it said the little snorkle is mine.......
CupCakeDude CupCakeDude Aug 25, 2016
*starts singing* If you liked it then you should have put a ring on!~
castiels_underwear castiels_underwear Oct 05, 2016
Im not trying to be rude but I saw a Way better written story on deviantart that was almost the exact same as this one
GrisCat GrisCat Jul 30, 2015
my god that was so dispersing but I guess I like it cuz it's really hard to find any Sweden x male reader now a days. Keep up the good work!