Game of the Heart (Billdip)

Game of the Heart (Billdip)

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Dragonborn By dragonborn13 Completed

Dipper has returned to Gravity Falls after learning Stan left the Mystery Shack to him.  Everything is strange like before, but yet stranger.  When an old pest is accidentally summoned again, this time into the human world, what lengths will Dipper go through to help the demon reenter the mindscape?  Or will he give up entirely and allow Bill to roam free about the town?  Either way he decides, he's in for a lot more than he bargained for.  But hey, nothing comes without a price.

Bill x Dipper
Yaoi don't like don't read

I don't own Gravity Falls or the cover

  • bill
  • billdip
  • cipher
  • dipper
  • falls
  • gravity
  • mabel
  • pines
MagicPB MagicPB May 18
Aww x3 yay! Hope she doesn't interfere with Billdip and becomes a meany tho.
Dendrobater Dendrobater Apr 14
Love that you said this. Cause most say she matured into a serious ball of adulthood
If he can't access the Mindscape, where does he keep disappearing to?
Ew, fez's BACK? Disgusting.
                              (Yes, I remember them by their signs and their names)
candyflossmelanie candyflossmelanie Mar 27, 2016
dude what was that show that had that store that had reopenings all the time so it was like "grand re re re opening"
YourDeadlyShadow YourDeadlyShadow May 28, 2016
Well... When I saw the title... It reminded me of FNaF with the whole "It's Me" thing...