Can This Be Real(Lauren/You)

Can This Be Real(Lauren/You)

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Ariel By Smiley_Lovatic21 Completed

You are just a normal high school senior about to graduate, you hear about the Fifth Harmony summer Reflection Tour and freak the fuck out. Or will things happen before the tour begins? What will happen?

(This book may have a triggering part, i use ALOT of "bad words" )


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That’s rlly accurate except my eyes are like I dark brown kinda chocolate, a bit like Camila’s
laurinah_girl laurinah_girl Apr 15, 2017
This is literally me. The description, the freak about the girl. Yup, sounds about right.
imfinethanks1 imfinethanks1 Oct 05, 2017
ok... at least dont answer all those 20 questions! cuz a fan would knowww!!!!! i meaaaan!!!
deedeex1998x deedeex1998x Mar 16, 2017
Dark long hair and blue and green eyes is my exact description 😂😂
Caminah_is_life Caminah_is_life Aug 29, 2017
My mom would never even if I'm sick as hell she still makes me go
supersamantha334 supersamantha334 Jan 22, 2016
i saw your dinally book and love it so i'm checking out the rest and yasss lauren yay♥