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Ghouls- A Kaneki X reader fanfiction

Ghouls- A Kaneki X reader fanfiction

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Kylie Shulmansa By JayfeatherHuman Completed

You were always a ghoul. A extremely rare type of ghoul... You are supreme! Normal ghouls have red eyes when hungry, but you have a deathly gold one. Only one too! Not only are you a one-eye, but you're one of a kind. No ghoul is like you. You're a myth, a supposed 'folk tale'. You're no folk tale. You go by the name of Yuri  Miskoyo, since the doves only know of your real name, (f/n, l/n). No dove has seen your face due to your mask of golden outlining of a masquerade mask, revealing only your eyes. You decide to move to the 20th ward, because the 11th was getting old. Then you meet Touka, Hinami, Kaneki, Nishiki, etc. How will this myth handle being found?

VintageCreations VintageCreations May 02, 2016
He has a lot of Snickers to satisfy him though so don't worry. Even though he always forgets to carry them.
Kari_Miyamoto Kari_Miyamoto Jun 12, 2016
- SPOILERS- the anime doesn't it look set up like the ropes were cut alittle enough to break on the own
Luci_Loo_ Luci_Loo_ Oct 10, 2016
Kaneki u don't know what crying sounds like? I still love ya bit really GET YOUR JEAD IN THE GAME
AyanoAishiDesu AyanoAishiDesu Jul 03, 2016
                              HELLO, MANGA READERS😏
                              YOUR MUM?!!?
00ScaleRose00 00ScaleRose00 Aug 29, 2016
It's amazing! But as I'm leaving this comment I'm only on episode 5 of season 1