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They had always been together, a blue flying cat and a fire dragon slayer. They never thought the moment of separation would come so soon. "Happy, hang in there," Natsu pleaded the tears threatening to spill out. The fire mage threw a look of disgust at the dark wizard Zeref, who was standing a couple feet away, watching indifferently. "Aye, sir," Happy replies in a voice barely audible. Then he says no more as darkness took over, and the journey through oblivion begun. "Happy!" Natsu screams as he held the exceed closer to him and let the tears fall. Natsu, his eyes filled with fury, turns to face Zeref, who still held an impassive face.  How someone can show no emotion when encountering death, Natsu did not know, and at the moment he did not care. All he wanted was revenge, to burn the dark wizard until not a trace of him is left. He takes a step forward;  hatred filled every inch of h...

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Okay if everyone who is writing stories about E.N.D. could STOP KILLING HAPPY, BREAKING MY HEART, AND MAKING ME UGLY CRY ALL DAY that would be great.
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Thank you so much! I just started so it really means a lot that a great writer like you is reading it!
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I love it please write more! I'm writing a fairy END fanfic myself! Please read it, it's called, "Been their done that"😺