Hidden In Plain Sight (KHR  AU)

Hidden In Plain Sight (KHR AU)

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The Fandom Overlord By Alyzia80 Updated Oct 28, 2016

Sawada Tsunayoshi is a Dame. His grades and athleticism are well below average. He hasn't talked for four years, thus having no friends. His school life overall, is terrible. 
His life at home is, however, different. Unknown to most, he is smart. He could defend himself from the school bullies if he wanted to, but he doesn't. Still, everything he does is viewed as wrong or useless. But is that really all there is to it? Those idiots; they've never seen what he can do, what he's capable of! With his life intertwined in the mafia, many things are revealed. But those idiots. They never learn. With the push of a few buttons, he could make the Mafia self-destruct. The whole underground world, in his hands. 

He could either be the savior, or the killer. 

Original storyline by Akira Amano; this slight/major AU plot owned by me. 
All unrecognizable characters (not canon) owned by me. IE: Takeo, and villain. 
All AMV's or music videos are not mine. I own most of the pictures.
I own nothing else.

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ChibiLuvsBooks ChibiLuvsBooks Mar 27, 2017
-spits cola everywhere-
                              -stands up- 
                              -walks away-
                              -comes back with 12 bottles of cola-
                              -takes seat-
                              Alright continue please
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings Sep 30, 2017
*spits out ice tea*
                              *stands up*
                              *flips table*
                              *cries for 10 hours* WHYY?!
                              *gets more ice tea*
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Oct 11, 2016
*calls the 2ps in Hetalia* Guys.... I give you permission to do your worst tortures at this bloody morons. We'll go on a killing and torture spree at those bloody idiots.
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Oct 11, 2016
.........Allen... Bash his head with your baseball bat. *calls 2pAmerica*
Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Jan 14, 2017
Nonsense. He's smarter than me that's for sure even if he was actually a dame. I can't tell the difference between counties in hetalia even though they are all adorable and unique and memorable.
Meopize Meopize Jun 15, 2016