Mister (Hoodie x Eyeless Jack)

Mister (Hoodie x Eyeless Jack)

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a/n: This is a sequel to Sweet Treats. You don't HAVE to read it but I suggest you do. IM SO EXCITED! I HAVE GREAT THINGS PLANNED!!!!!! the puns...

(third person)

~one month later~


	Jeff looked down at Toby as he ate his waffles.

	"Why do you love those so much?" Toby looked up at Jeff and pointed to his boyfriend, Masky, who was sitting close by.

		"It's because when I lick the butter and syrup off my lips, it makes him horny. I love messing with him." Jeff eyes wide (when aren't they) walked back to his spot on the carpet picking up the game controller. Slendy had made a new rule that all the pastas in the mansion had to spend their Tuesday nights in the living room for "bonding time". 

	"We're still going to that horror movie this weekend, right?" Toby asked Masky. Masky was about to say something but Hoodie interrupted.

	"Is it that movie with the bird?" Hoodie blurted out swirling his head away from the computer to look at the other two men.

	"Yeah." Masky chuc...

Kwonosaur Kwonosaur Apr 13
Joodie sounds Funnie! But I think Joodie is the best ship and the best ship name for them •3•
goth_baby goth_baby Aug 23
*calls bill* heeeeeyyy dorito....I got. a favor to ask... *three hrs l8r*
                              Bill: hahahahahah look his head is where his dick should be hahahahahah!!!
                              Me: was this a mistake?
                              Bill: nope.....Omfg that girl just got eat an by her kids???!?!!!!!?
                              Me: ya ur right
Yo Jeff! Ya wanna watch 50 Shades Of Gray? Then you'll probably get it 😋
I can just picture it.
                              Masky holding ej back on a leash cause hes trying to eat hoodie😂😂😂😂
First Hoodie and now Toby is shipping....well the ship has sailed xD