Masky X Reader X Hoodie

Masky X Reader X Hoodie

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Renny Wong By Renny7979 Updated May 15, 2016

When the family is happy, and there's no blood pouring down the staircase (YET), two killers hunt down you and your family. But when a emotion builds between the killers and you, it's not anger... Could it be love?

(Cover by @FlamingCatzIce, follow her!) 
The included creepypastas are:
- Masky
- Hoodie
- Ticci Toby
- Slenderman
- Jeff the Killer
- BEN Drowned
- Eyeless Jack
- Laughing Jack
- Dr. Smiley
- ??? (Z)


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*Gives Masky tons of Cheesecake*
                              You better not kill meh or i'll forcefully eat yo cheesecake...
XD Hoodie straight said damn that girl was sexy XD and masky was like i iz a killer....we killz herz...ya...hoodie let’s go ja?
Masky actully wears a Mask that's the reason he is called MASKY u put "he has painted black lips or whatever" SO MMM
Is this even a real math problem? Or is it just random numbers being placed in the text? Ether way, I don’t like it!
Why didn't they just kill me when they were in the house, are they like blind? 
                              EYELESS JACK IS THAT U?
midlish midlish Aug 17
B*ch you better come back here w/ my mother f*cking cheesecake you piece of sh*ts!