Princes (Phan AU)

Princes (Phan AU)

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Dan Howell. Caught in a rut for a year after moving to Orlando to become a lawyer. When that didn't work out, he moved to working at Disney World as Prince Charming. 

Phil Lester. Smiley and bubbly, a prince even without his title at Disney World. Flirty and handsome, he works there as Prince Eric. Little did these polar opposite princes know that they would fall in love at first sight.

This fanfic is short, sweet, and to the point. You get right to the fluff. Brace yourself, it's cute. 

This is also filled with old references so be prepared to cringeeee

that's literally what i said 2 years ago when i went to disney world
I love the little mermaid XD its like my favorite one as a child and just phil playing prince eric oml
tinyisfat tinyisfat Jul 21
I thought about the school shooter Eric Harris and I'm like 
                              Phil are you going to shoot up the kingdom
Eliana3376 Eliana3376 Jul 02
When I went to Disney World last year with my family and my boyfriend, both me and my boyfriend agreed that the guy who was Prince Eric was one of the most attractive men we had ever seen (we are both bi so)
All were talking about Disney World, but i just went to Europa Park😂
like same dan i'm so afraid of making friends bc i have a crippling fear of rejection