Holding My Breath [Wattys 2016]

Holding My Breath [Wattys 2016]

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Kelli By kellicrockett Completed

"10,000 dollars for my arrest. That's what the media says, anyway."

He calls her Rusty.

She calls him Blue.

But Anna Blake is hiding more behind her nickname than anyone knows. She's wanted by the police. For murder. Specifically, the murder of her parents.

And she has bigger issues to worry about. She's also on the run from the man who really killed them. A man who has a game to play before he kills her, too.

A reckless, on-the-edge criminal. A winsome, small town boy who has a traumatic past of his own. A thrilling chase that changes both of their lives. They are both lost in their own ways, but together maybe they can stand strong again.

But secrets have a way of getting out, and the truth is enough to drown her.

So for now, she's just going to have to hold her breath.

Best ranking: #2 in Mystery/Thriller (8.20.16)
[EDITED] [Completed]
Copyright © 2016 Kelli Crockett

Reader Comments:

"I literally live every day to read a couple more chapters of this book! Excited for more!"

"God your writing is truly amazing and deep, and poetic and beautiful how does it not have more comments"

"I know that everyone else is saying this, but I love your writing style."

"I love Rusty's personality."

"This part was so depressing, sweet, and amazing... I LOVED IT"

" I am blown away by your imagery in all the chapters."

"Awe......Blue is wonderful."