butterflies and spice ➵ kagamine.l + r

butterflies and spice ➵ kagamine.l + r

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Just an outside performance for money got you into Japan's greatest singing group, Vocaloid. 

After joining the group, Miku and the rest greet you with open arms. You quickly bond with Kaito and Rin, those two becoming your best friends. However, one person in the group stays distant from you while the rest become your friends. He is Rin's brother, Len. You notice this and let it distract you from practices and concerts. Rin confronts you about your situation, demanding an answer. You then explain what's been bothering you. Rin understands and tries to do something about it, but no luck. "Talk to her." She tells her brother. He refuses. 

Instead of confronting him for an answer, you just sit and wait. But a few days after you tell Rin he's ignoring you, Len does some unexpected things. 

"I've wanted to do that for so long~" he sang, breaking the kiss.

I just realized that I really do have blonde hair and blue eyes....wow
Me: Making my way downtown, walking fast.~
                              Some people: *running after me* YOU CANT SING!!
                              Me: WALKING FASTER!~ *runs*
Making my way downtown walking past, faces past and I'm lostbound
Makin my way downtown,walking fast, feelings last, in my home now!!! Idk how the song goes. Just random lyrics as I go!!!
IfTimeStops IfTimeStops Aug 03
Making my way downtown, with my b*tch, she's gonna make me a sandwich, DOODOODOODOODOODOODOO
joshuapassthebleach joshuapassthebleach Dec 18, 2015
lol yes i did, the first thing that came to my mind was "OMG I HEARD THAT SONG IN WHITE CHICKS"