♡South Park One Shots♡

♡South Park One Shots♡

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☆Ally☆ By Loner_Chan Completed

Hey Readers! Here are The South Park One Shots! I take requests from anyone and everyone who loves South Park! :D


[Completed] I'm editing it now XD ☆★☆

Name is Benio, deredere with long brown hair and green eyes. Sweet and kind. Character is Butters. (I love butters) Also, I am Japanese, so can the character be Japanese as well? :D
                              Btw incase you didn't know what a deredere was, it means lovey dovey (ノ◕ヮ◕) Have a gr8 day!
hermione0217 hermione0217 Nov 18, 2016
Ciao!I'm a tom-boy, badass wierdo chick. I resemble Cartman the most  (Without being racist, of course.) but my favourite characters are Kyle, Craig, and Kenny.
99dragons 99dragons Jul 04, 2016
name- Louise
                              hair/eye- long black hair with brown eyes and bangs. wears pink knit hat with rabbit ears. 
                              tweek or Kyle please they're my faves!!
Kirby_Vakarian Kirby_Vakarian Nov 18, 2016
I'm a tomboy / badass girl
                              I love Craig, Stan, and Kyle the most.
R5_MendesOakley R5_MendesOakley Feb 14, 2016
I'm a tomboy if you wanted to know 😂 And I read  all the StanXReaders
pip_pirrup_good_girl pip_pirrup_good_girl Jun 22, 2016
name: Micky
                              personality: rebel
                              favorite character: tweek, Christophe, and Craig