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Creepy Pasta x Reader

Creepy Pasta x Reader

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kasumi-Okazaki By kasumi-Okazaki Completed


Life was always strange for you but.... 
 you didn't expect life to be so strange that you were now living in a mansion with a bunch of psychopathic killers. 

[ this is my first book :3 - Daisy! ]

Basically Coffee and a nutella sandwich xD I think I spelled nutella,  right?
I *twitch twitch* DID nt * twitch twitch*drunk any babies *twitch twitch*
wolfverne wolfverne Jul 03
I only met my dad once and I feel that by technically state law I'd write a letter saying how much I hate him #AwesomeNeverHave toSeeHimAgain
lalambs lalambs Mar 22
I have a 2 best friends and there name are the same Sayaka n Sayaka - I call the other one saya-chan 
                              And yes I live in Japan but I'm not a japanese........and my friends doesn't know that I'm fangirling over a psychopath's ...LOL
I am really tall so...EVERYONE IS AS TALL AS SLENDERMAN?!?!WTF?!?!
But we haven't met Jeff yet
                              Well it was 'knife' to be awake but I have to 'go to sleep'
                              Not sleeping feels 'killer' in the morning 
                              *everyone surrounds me and I jump out a window that was behind me*
                              Mwahahahahahaha *lands in pool and runs away*