Destiel (Highschool AU) I Like You...a Lot

Destiel (Highschool AU) I Like You...a Lot

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This is a Destiel highschool AU where the geek!Castiel Novek meets the jock!Dean Winchester

CONTAINS:  SOME Sabriel, self harm, child abuse, fluff, smut, and 'THE FEELS'!!!


If they have to follow all of the rules of the Bible, they can't cut their hair. Just imagine that
Sammmmmeeeeeee. But I'm also used to it so it doesn't make me sad
I know I'm gonna regret reading this the fanfic I just finished broke my heart into 1 million pieces and I'm just very worried I don't think I can read this *continues reading*
Pro_Shipper Pro_Shipper Jun 30
All the hot guys are either taken or gay so you have a chance wink wink
Whether one screams or whispers in their head, it's the same volume. I find that pretty fascinating. It's just the softness of the voice and the forcefulness that really differentiate it in the mind
Pro_Shipper Pro_Shipper Jun 30
I read that as, "he's the boss of everyone when he's hot"