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Destiel (Highschool AU) I Like You...a Lot

Destiel (Highschool AU) I Like You...a Lot

102K Reads 4K Votes 43 Part Story
Team_Free_Will_SPN By MadisonLatella2 Completed

This is a Destiel highschool AU where the geek!Castiel Novek meets the jock!Dean Winchester

CONTAINS:  SOME Sabriel, self harm, child abuse, fluff, smut, and 'THE FEELS'!!!


superdarkflower101 superdarkflower101 Jul 15, 2016
Listen pal, I just read a high school au where Cas kills himself so if you pull a stunt like that you'll be face down in a ditch.
WillNotKissYou WillNotKissYou Jul 18, 2016
Im starting questions if I've already read this fic I probably have idk I've read so many now
aidentheawesome aidentheawesome Mar 01, 2016
I haven't read anything yet, I just wanna say. The fanart is good. The description is cute. I am so ready for a beautiful story full of feels.
that_nerd_moose that_nerd_moose Oct 06, 2016
I am the hybrid of Sam and Dean. I wear AC/DC shirts and jeans 24/7 and read books in said clothes
Musical_Emo_Kitten Musical_Emo_Kitten Oct 07, 2016
I literally saw Cas and Gabe's named and starting screeching "all you sinners stand up singing hallelujah show praise with your body...."
luciferscrush luciferscrush Oct 25, 2016
it's about to get freaky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)