Rules Are Made To Be Broken (Teacher/Student Frerard)

Rules Are Made To Be Broken (Teacher/Student Frerard)

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Cody |-/ By bandgeek221B Updated Jul 26

Gerard doesn't have any friends. All he can rely on is his favourite teacher and the only woman that ever gives him the time of day. But when she leaves unexpectedly Gerard is put in the hands of the new guy, Mr Iero.

Just how close will they get?

Will Mr Iero be there for more than just the hateful bullying?

Will he put his job on the line for one silly 'crush'?

Wow he's only friend is a teacher that sader than me and I don't even have any friends irl
Ok for some reason I keep reading this book in like a proper English accent for some reason.
Gee that's a lie. You're gonna date and have teh cheeky butt secks