Rules Are Made To Be Broken (Teacher/Student Frerard)

Rules Are Made To Be Broken (Teacher/Student Frerard)

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Cody |-/ By bandgeek221B Updated Jul 26, 2016

Gerard doesn't have any friends. All he can rely on is his favourite teacher and the only woman that ever gives him the time of day. But when she leaves unexpectedly Gerard is put in the hands of the new guy, Mr Iero.

Just how close will they get?

Will Mr Iero be there for more than just the hateful bullying?

Will he put his job on the line for one silly 'crush'?

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It's funny because i just read a fiction where Gerard was the teacher and Frank was the student
Honestly, I'm a girl, but boners seem more annoying than anything...
PoisonFern PoisonFern Oct 10
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              Holy shït 
                              That escalated quickly
Maybe it's because you're really hot and they're really not and they're all jealous because some people are yuk as fuk
......I was that tall 6th grade. Now I'm like 5'9.5"
NoMoreEver NoMoreEver Oct 10
I love stories that go fast, but I also love stories that go slow. If they go medium pace they shall die
                              ( sorry had a Stewie moment, family guy)