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Adopted By My Chemical Romance

Adopted By My Chemical Romance

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Likey Rathbone By I_Love_Mikey_Way Completed

Chapter names will first be all the characters. Nothing to do with the actual story. Liza's picture at the top
Chapter One. Liza Edwards.
It was like any normal day. Laundry, eat breakfast, work, clean, shower, eat dinner, sleep. One huge cycle each and every day.

I usually skip everything with my only and truly best friend Minx. He's a pretty awesome guy once you get to know him.

Yeah.. Me and Minx have been here at the orphanage for I don't know how long. We hide under my bed before everyone wakes up just so that we won't do work.

"Hey Liza!" Minx said as he came into my room and flopped on the bed with me.

"Hey Minx. Time to hide?" i asked.

"Hell yeah!" he said. Minx is a pretty hyper guy. Has only four tattoos and a nose piercing.

We have the same kind of band interest. Green day, My Chemical Romance, Anthrax. Stuff like that. Rock, screamo, punk... Anything really.

Anyways.. We both got up from the bed and went under it. We slid under until our feet reached t...

RandomSthuff RandomSthuff Nov 13, 2016
Lol just imagine franks shoulder like stretching down to meet her hands like elastic man or something XD
LaDy_BuG_gIrL LaDy_BuG_gIrL Dec 26, 2016
Frank you are not one that should be talking to someone about not cussing considering that you cuss hella much
I would've been *pause for a moment* DEAD!!!!! *drops the mic*
lauri1518 lauri1518 Jan 26
so either I got this wrong or they just kidnapped her in a van??
LaDy_BuG_gIrL LaDy_BuG_gIrL Dec 26, 2016
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