Anger Issues ➳ Frerard

Anger Issues ➳ Frerard

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"You don't tell anyone what happened unless you wanna end up like that kid" 


Frank was shy and timid and didn't really bother anybody until one day when he walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Then his life was pretty much threatened by one of the most dangerous kids in school. 

Gerard got mad easily-and when he got mad, you would fear for your life (well, probably not literally) but he was dangerous and got mad easily and all the time. Maybe it got out of hand when he wound up putting an innocent kid in the hospital almost killing him. 

Everyone scared of Gerard. Except maybe one kid. 

(Sorry, I just had to write another one; even though I know I'll regret it)

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actually everybody will know because he's much prettier than me and he has great ass hair
Yoooo nevermind it's probably my ADHD that makes me angry... forget the comment on the last paragraph lmao
@Cyann060703 I can't think straight because I'm not straight
a child. a child. a child. not an adult. literally still a child. not even 18 year olds are adults. they're still babies
I miss the days when math was fun. (Yes I used to love it and I wanted to major in mathematics but then high school happened