The Bad Boy's Best Friend (Old Version)

The Bad Boy's Best Friend (Old Version)

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Allie M By uduntknome Completed

Don't get upset at me when you reach the end of this story to find out I am no longer writing it! I have a new and better version on my profile!


Devin Morris and Jayne Dixon have been inseparable  bestfriends since diaper years, and would do anything for each other. Even getting beat up by a black belt judoka.

And even pretending to become boyfriend and girlfriend to get rid of the said clingy and obsessive ex-girlfriend who punches like Chuck Norris...

° ° °

"It always works in the movies and books, right?"

I rolled my eyes at Devin. "You haven't picked up a book since Mrs. K's fifth grade class."

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Oh hell no, I got expelled for putting someone in a hospital. DON'T PLAY WIT ME BITCH
I do that with my guy best's only weird for people that don't have friendships like that
fundaddy fundaddy Jan 03
People are sheltered loll its just a joint at least she isn't popping pills 😂😂
- - Jun 15, 2016
this is the way it was for one of the guys in my grade and his girlfriend he said he was scared to break up with her cause she was also in judo....
IAmTheWeird1 IAmTheWeird1 Aug 16, 2015
Anyone thinking A from PLL? Just me? Ok. I'll just.. Uh.. Be over... There. *hides*