Our Thick Girl (BxBxG) -under construction-

Our Thick Girl (BxBxG) -under construction-

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Another cliche story. 

I'm what you call the bad-boy. I'm every girl and guys wet dream. I'm tall about 6'4 with dark sandy brown hair and baby blue eyes 8 pack abs. I know I'm hot and so does everybody else. 

Uriah is 6'2 with black hair and green eyes and he's not only my best friend, by my lover we have been together since we were freshman in high school. But we crave a female companion. 

We don't like blonde skinny girls....no offense We just don't. We want a girl with something to grab onto and not afraid to eat something other than a damn salad is that to much to ask for??

.....-closes my legs- not gonna read -turns and exits- no yaoi for me today -stops mid step- f ck it -smacks my face to the screen-
This skinny girl right here as never thought of eating a salad. I'm good.
If I were her I would have fangirled and made  a fanclub over them and talk about their ship
I like salads once in a while, but if u put it next to pizza, then imma skip the salad and eat the pizza.
33paig33 33paig33 Sep 04
When your a big yaoi fan and your reading this like OH SHITTT YASS
THANK YOU! Boo hit me up we can eat chipotle together anytime 😉