The Boy By The Window (L.S. Mpreg) BoyxBoy

The Boy By The Window (L.S. Mpreg) BoyxBoy

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Panda By JustPandaLove Completed

And thats how it happened...

With one boy by the window

The other looking into it

When their eyes meet

When blue eyes.. met green.

Now one question... from the author. To the readers...

Do you think history repeats itself...?

How are your blue eyes GRAY?! they are either blue or gray, or mixed haha :) ^^
Sam_Vantas Sam_Vantas Jul 18
I was so stoked to read this book but because it's 1D I'm jus dad and not wanting to read it. I I'm trying to get past the fact its 1D but its really hard
What no no Lima bean plz forgive him plz plz plz plz l beg u plz for the phandom
fandom38 fandom38 May 22
I hate McMuffins there always burnt when I get them and the egg is weird but what ever
This is sad I don't know why cause I'm listening to moments while reading this and I'm silently crying
DUDE WHERE IS MY CAR IS AMAZING BUT..... he cried after watching toy story 3???WOW