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Brotherly Love...?

Brotherly Love...?

132K Reads 2.7K Votes 24 Part Story
Monet Brown By Inspirella Updated Jul 11, 2013

Jessica and Jake haven't always been the loving brother and sister that their parents hoped they would be. But with the fighting, and teasing, and trash talk, how can you blame them? Being 15 and 16 is hard enough as it is without a sibling out to get you. But when Jessica and Jake "accidentally" kiss a couple times, their attitudes towards each other change. Will Jessica find true love through her own brother? Or will she lead him on? Read about Jake's Jessica's strange romance as she gives a whole new meaning to brotherly love.

Cyan480 Cyan480 Jun 15
This is surprisingly well written! Many incest stories are not this good (grammatical mistakes and all) so I didn't know what to expect
marshmallowcray marshmallowcray Jul 29, 2016
TheCatInTheHijab TheCatInTheHijab Apr 29, 2016
You and everyone else who like this needs help asap. That's disgusting.
Champagne_Lights Champagne_Lights Jan 15, 2016
You guys live in the same house. You're bound to run into each other sometime. Lol.
veronicabrown86 veronicabrown86 Dec 03, 2014
That's gross who falls in love with their brother. They really need Jesus in their live
Deep_Sigh Deep_Sigh Feb 22, 2014
It's a shaky beginning but as I finished the first part, I was happy I stuck with it. I really don't mind the brother-sister thing. Pretty cool, I always wanted to read something like this. Hope I'm not being weird.  I'm really interested in seeing how this would end. Keep up the good work!! :)