Go To Hell|Blue Exorcist/Tokyo Ghoul Crossover

Go To Hell|Blue Exorcist/Tokyo Ghoul Crossover

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Some Random British Kid By PikaGirl260 Completed

"Why me? Why did this happen to me? My life has always been hell from the second I was born. So why...? WHY WAS I TURNED INTO A GHOUL?!"

Never trust a cute face. That's something Rin learned the hard way when he was lured into a ghoul's trap and had a hole punched through his lung, left to bleed to death where nobody would ever find him. That is, until a white-haired stranger saved him, though living came at a cost: Rin would have to sacrifice the last of his humanity to become a creature that everybody, both humans and demons alike, fear.

If he wishes to return home, he's going to have to learn how to control his hunger before it leads him into doing something that he'll regret. But with this new way of life constantly toying with his emotions, keeping his new desire in check is going to be much more difficult than he or Kaneki ever imagined.

Indigo_Waterfall Indigo_Waterfall 5 days ago
I dun know how to feel there both hot peices of shiskbsVmajsvsksj
dag_dag123 dag_dag123 Sep 14, 2016
1DeathStar1 1DeathStar1 Nov 01, 2016
"But apperantly grades matter, which is something i never understood."  --> litterally me when im in my religious studies class. XD
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Thats me. Just give me an F. For Fücking it. That's me though. I get test back and I know it's an F.
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I know I'm not the only one thinking he might not just be talking about his tail...
PikaGirl260 PikaGirl260 Sep 21, 2016
                              Before you complain I think you should bother to read my author's notes