Teen Wolf Imagines

Teen Wolf Imagines

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Naomi♡ By obriensgurl Updated Dec 29, 2017

Imagine being pregnant with Scott's baby, being surprised with a romantical date which Stiles planned, or finding out your brother is a werewolf?

I'll write about:
- Scott
- Stiles
- Derek
- Liam
- Isaac
- Parrish
- Jackson
- Aiden
- Boyd
- & Theo

I'd also write about the girls (Lydia, Allison, Malia, Kira, Erica, Kate ... ) if you want to. Like, what if you're preventing the death of Allison? Or if you're saving Kira before the onis?



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sarcastic-shit sarcastic-shit Sep 17, 2017
irl Daniel Sharman is 18 years older than me and that doesn't stopped me
In the show Isaac is also 17. And in this I am 17. So how is he 2 yrs older
The first sentence is so normal. Then BAM I have started my period
Keller03 Keller03 Mar 22, 2016
Hey so I was wondering If I could have an imagine where she's dating Stiles but she gets mad at him and go walking through the woods and Peter knows how much she means to them so he bites her but the bite rejects her and when Stiles finds her she's laying on the ground dying?