Slave (Niall Horan Fanfic)

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Lauryn By klinking Updated 7 months ago
The year was 2020 and Slavery in the United States was ratified again due to the growth of population. The government chose families to be slaves, no matter what race you were. My family was chosen when I was a Young child. The past family I served for recently moved to China. They weren't like other slave holders; cruel, mean, harsh. Instead they were lighthearted and treated me like family. But, they moved to china, so they had no choice but to transfer me.
    And that's when I got shipped to Niall Horan.
    Sarah Miller. Slave. Niall Horan. Slave owner. Niall beats his slaves to pieces, he's cruel, mean, tough and harsh; and will do anything to get his way. How will Sarah and her two friends Beatrice and Timothy survive this? As time passes, Niall starts to fall in love with Sarah.
    Keep reading if you want to know what happens! Please don't give up on me :D
EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! And he was so nice until he found out she was the shipped slave, if he wouldn't have known would he have been nice?!
damn nialler. and I thought you were a nice caring young Irishman. I hate you now. BUT I LOVE THIS BOOK! although I think you should add more details cause the chapie is a little fast
its good, but include more details like what he's feeling or stuff like that cuz it's a little fast
I haven't even read this yet but i can tell its gonna be good just by the discription.
Well, I kind of wish you wrote a summary, or intro, or anything to describe what exactly this book is about........But, I guess I'll give it a try.....What's the worst that could happen.....right!?...... :/
Okay, so I read 'Sarah Miller...' and then I thought at Jake Miller<3