Pansexual and Hosting (OHSHC)

Pansexual and Hosting (OHSHC)

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Author of All By nobodyinparticular98 Updated Jul 23, 2017

Alex Tadashi, a friend of Haruhi Fujioka's, is an honour student at Ouran Academy like her. They've known each other since birth and do everything together. So, what happens when they stumble upon Music Room Three? Well, we all know what, they end up joining! Alex is a pansexual, shy, awkward, caring and kind person. Well, that's before you get to know him. Once you do, he becomes a flirty, outgoing and eccentric person. Now, since Alex has known Haruhi for a long time these aspects of him apply. Basically that means Alex flirts with Haruhi. I think I should mention that they live together, with Haruhi's father, since Alex doesn't have any living relatives. Now, what happens when they both join the Host Club? You'll just have to read and find out, won't you?

There is most probably going to be swearing, but there might not be. Also, I don't know what you define as smut so... Light smut? Is that what it's called? Or is it fluff? Please comment your explanation. You guys will know, hopefully.

(Sorry if I get anything to do with the Japanese language or culture wrong!)

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Girl-In-The-Night Girl-In-The-Night Jun 17, 2017
"Oh my gawd, honey no, your hair's all uneven. *huffs* I'll have to clean it up soon, maybe after school and then we can go to the mall. So girl's get your purses and poodles ready because us b*tches are going SHOPPING!!"
Fanboy_Jinx Fanboy_Jinx Jun 27, 2017
I'm Demisexual! I want friends who are also demi! one
                              Cool *awkward exit*
buzzybusy buzzybusy Oct 06, 2017
I never flirt with anyone before but I turned think your doing great
Girl-In-The-Night Girl-In-The-Night Jun 17, 2017
Aw! He's a precious little cinnamon roll that needs to be protected💚💙💜
i_am_not_innocent_ i_am_not_innocent_ Sep 12, 2017
Dude. I always flirt my friend. Even when Im a girl and she's a girl I dont give a crap.
Currygirl2 Currygirl2 Jan 08
I'm straight
                              I suddenly feel left out now
                              *goes to emo corner*
                              I just don't like girls like that
                              I'm so plain 😂😂