Divergent High ~tris the famous~

Divergent High ~tris the famous~

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Beatrice Prior, other known as Tris is a world wide teen celebrity. She sings, acts, dances and is a model. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to date her. Life is perfect. 
Her brother Caleb, other know as C.P is a rapper and DJ.
Their parents are also actors and are filthy rich. 
When their parents get the chance to act on a new and up coming movie, they move to the set, Chicago. 
Since Tris and Caleb are only 16 they have to attend High School.

Tobias Eaton, who goes by the name Four is the schools bad boy. He makes all the girls swoon. From can singing to acting and dance, he can do it all. Being apart of the schools champion football team, he is a star yet to be discovered. 

What will happen when Tris and Four's worlds collide?

Disclaimer: I do not own half the characters from this divergent fanfiction. Credit goes to Veronica Roth and her book Divergent.

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ShadowhunterDiverge ShadowhunterDiverge Nov 26, 2016
I thought you could have a license at 16.  Oh wait.....you can!!!!!!  Depending on where you live.
DaytonNotTayton DaytonNotTayton Nov 11, 2016
Those amity gangsters out Marcus up to this didn't they?....
lifeofahufflepuff lifeofahufflepuff Feb 02, 2016
WHO IS KIAN. Whoeber he is he will NOT get in the way of FourTris. OR HE'S GONNA GET BUTTERKNIFED BY PETER AND ME