Falling for the Other twin

Falling for the Other twin

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There's Presley, the gorgeous, sporty one, with platinum hair and blue eyes, with boys hanging from her ankles. Popular, a new boyfriend every two weeks, and a seat saved at every table in the canteen.

And there's May, the asthmatic, A-grade student, with chestnut hair and turquoise eyes concealed by glasses. Unpopular, hasn't ever had a boyfriend, and her own secret table behind the bike sheds.

Believe it or not, they're twins...

But things turn upside down for May when Josh Harlow starts at Forest Wood High...

Unlike all the other good looking, athletic boys, he's not interested in Presley, as much as she'd like him to be... It's May he's curious about.

And what better way to get to know her than to act dumb and get tutoring from her?

Will he ever find out why Presley is so against her sister, or why May insists on being alone?

And will he end up with the girl he wants more than anything, May Winters?

Highest Ranking: #220 in Teen Fiction :)
Cover by @pathways_end

Hey! I would love if you can check out my book- foster siblings? I think not. Thanks!!
Oh just shut the fûck up seriously, the doors that way 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽🚪
I've always wanted to read something about opposite twins...I'm going to love this
Try Canada. Lived here most of my life but its still hella cold every winter
Much better than Florida weather (I've lived in both places). Here it's hot, humid, and it still rains at the drop of a hat. Only we get more lightning and there's almost always flooding and stuff.
artsy_ari artsy_ari Aug 20
i would love it. its sunny here all day every day with the temperature higher than 100 almost everyday kms